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Packet Optical Transport Network

POTN M7000

The POTN M7000 family is a next generation optical transmission system that provides switching and protection by integrating the existing transport network of WDM

Packet Optical Transport Network

1000 Family

CE M-family is a next generation optical transmission system that is apt for high-capacity packet transmission that will satisfy international standard of MPLS-TP in order to provide the standardized Carrier Ethernet service

Packet Optical Transport Network

S5500 Family

TFOM-FM700, high-capacity MSPP optical transmission platform, is able to provide complete services like 100 Base TX/FX Ethernet, 1G(SX/LX) Ethernet

Packet Optical Transport Network

C100 Family

TFOM-C1000 / C1000K are multiplexers of channel subscriber which supports the legacy signals like STM-1, DS1, DS1E, DS3 PDH and subscriber channel

Packet Optical Transport Network


TFOM-D2000, the digital cross connection system of medium capacity, is able to provide Interconnect functionality between the tributary signals through Non-blocking Digital switching that switches DS0 level

Packet Optical Transport Network

Optical System for Electric power

As a next-generation optical transport system that transmits large packet in power communication network, it provides the service quality, reliability, scalability and manageability

Internet of Things Service

IoT Service

It is a management platform installed and operated by the local government and welfare center for the health and safety of its citizens



Highly qualified, The best safety guard as a household emergency service makes your daily lives more safely

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TELEFIELD Inc. is a leading developer of optical transmission and network equipment. Established in Korea in 2000, we are a market leader in a market known for world-class ICT power nation.

Telefield expands its business area to service platform based IoT business and SI/NI business that connects physical network and service network based upon the network equipment market. Ultimately, we are trying to achieve our vision of “The company that connects Thoughts of Human and Functions of Things to create new values”


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