TFOM-D2000, the digital cross connection system of medium capacity, is able to provide Interconnect functionality between the tributary signals through Non-blocking Digital switching that switches DS0 level without D/A converting by connection tributary signals like DS1, DS1E, DS3, STM-1 equivalent to max 2,560DS1E capacity. In addition to that, all of the major parts of D2000, including the switching part of D2000, is designed to be a double (redundant) structure so that the system is able to provide a much more stable cross connection as well as easy expansion due to the design of the independent self. D2000 provides not only the switching capacity of 16K x 16K DS0 per shelf, but also the Max switching capacity of 80K x 80K DS0 on account of being able to expand Max five self in a cascade.


Easy to expand

Easy to expand flexibly from low to high capacity system
(up to 5 selves without any failure)
Easy interworking among expansion selves by
using High Speed Cable

Signal distribution & Interconnection

Provides more than sixty DS0 test ports
Provides the test functionality by user-defined test patterns
for every port
Provides the tributary signals units loop back functionality
through self-controls (Local & Remote)

Redundancy Functionality

Control unit : Hot-Swap unit redundancy
Switch unit : Hot-Swap unit redundancy
Clock unit : Hot-Swap unit redundancy
DS-1/DS-1E unit : 1:1 Redundancy
DS-3 unit : 1:1 Redundancy

Test Functionality

Provide DS0, N*DS0 switching functionality
Provide PCM code conversion
Provide low latency mode against voice channel

Switching Capacity

Up to 80K x 80K DS0 of Non-Blocking Switching

Interface Unit Self
SWU 16K X 16K 16K X 16K 80K X 80K
DS1/DS1E DS1U 512 64 2,560
DS3 DS3U 24 3 120
STM-1 STM1U 8 1 40